Novelty Mugs

Novelty Mugs

Welcome to our funny mugs section.

Do you struggle to see the funny side of things before you get your first cup of coffee in the morning? Let our funny coffee mugs put a big smile on your face to start your day off the right way! Carry on the fun throughout the rest of the day, letting people know what you’re thinking while you’re drinking. Our wide range of funny mugs has something for everyone – a friend, your family, your co-workers, and even your boss…if you dare…

Our novelty mugs will keep you and your buddies grinning for a long time to come. Printed with high quality inks on both sides of the mug, everyone will be able to see the message you want to display, whether they want to or not. Dissatisfied with your lot in life? Need a quick trip to the toilet? Got designs on being a unicorn? Feeling a bit cheeky and want the world to know? Our funny coffee mugs have got you covered! So, what are you waiting for? The mugs are below. Get browsing!

If it ends up being one of those days where nothing goes your way, make sure you’ve got one of our funny mugs to come home to and put your feet up with. Nothing brightens your day like a good laugh and a nice brew.

We’ve got tons of designs for you to choose from. Some are naughty, some are nice, some are even offensive – but every single one will give you a good laugh. You might take your coffee seriously, but there’s no need to take your coffee mugs seriously too.

All our mugs will put a smile on your face and make fantastic gifts for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, and any other event you can think of. Every 10oz capacity mug is carefully produced to give you the best quality possible with designs that will last. Microwave and dishwasher safe, you can even make microwave noodles in them and get them clean afterwards. What’s not to like?

Have a look at our designs below but hold yourself tightly – if your sides split, we don’t want you to create a bigger mess than necessary! We guarantee you’ll be satisfied, and to make sure, we post our mugs out in a polystyrene mug mailer – your novelty mug will reach you in perfect condition, and in one piece. Delivery is free and everything is sent via First Class, which means you’ll be laughing as quickly as Mr Postie can get to you.

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